Squid Game Cosplay

Are you a cosplayer and have watched the movie Squid game? Then here is a very interesting addon for you. This addon includes all the costumes and accessories of the characters from the Squid game movie. You can use the addon to organize a squid game in your own style with your friends.


This is an addon based on armor and weapon modifications, including character skins and equip weapons of characters.

  1. Player suit with shirt, trousers, shoes and the equipment is the knife that if you watched the last episode of the series, each player has been granted.
  2. Guardian suit with helmet, shirt, trousers, shoes are two types of guns. The helmet includes 3 types corresponding to three different guardian ranks with square, triangle and circle. When wearing the suit, you will gain health boost and strength effects. Equip with the outfit is a 20-shot pistol with 500 damage and a 30-shot rifle with 50 damage.
  3. The boss suit with helmet, shirt, trousers, shoes and a 7-shot pistol with 1000 damage. You will gain fire resistance, health boost, instant health, night vision, regeneration, resistance, snow falling, strength and water breathing effects.
  4. VIP guest suit has two different outfits, one black and one red for you to choose from, with all 4 main parts like The boss suit. The effect you get is the same as that of The boss suit.
  5. The waiter who served VIP guest also had all of the above main part in his costume. The effects for this suit are health boost, instant health, night vision, resistance, snow falling and strength.
  6. Finally, the robot doll with head, shirt, skirt and shoes has fire resistance, health boost, instant health, night vision, regeneration, resistance, strength and especially slowness. You can’t move while wearing this suit. You can only turn your head and swing your arms.

(Note: You must wear the full suit to get the effect.)

You can get these items in the items menu, or type /give @s pa:, or use the crafting table according to the recipe below.

Here is a picture of the suit and weapon with the recipe for it.


  1. I have added content to the brief introduction.
  2. I have added content to the main description with a detailed list of items included in the addon and the specific function of each item.
  3. And I also edited a bit in the installation description.

Hope the admin is satisfied and approves my submission!


This addon supports most of Minecraft version from 1.16 and higher.

  1. Download the .zip file and extract it then move the two resource and behavior packages to the respective folder in your Minecraft.
  2. Enter the game, create a new world (remember to enable all experimental modes in game options), activate the pack and enjoy the game.

creator: https://www.facebook.com/nhatminh.tran.7547031/


By aadhu

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