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Bedrock Stackable Potions!

Stackable Potions!


If you think you should be able to stack potions, this addon is for you! It makes all potion types stackable to 16! This utility addon is great for late game where potions start to clutter your inventory, now they stack so you can save inventory space for other items. normal potions, splash potions and lingering potions are supported! 

Simply stack the potions like you would any other item. It helps a ton especially in smps and long-term game players!  

This addon makes splash potion combat easier and makes potions less annoying to deal with, mainly because your inventory stays uncluttered by potions and you don’t

 have to fill your hotbar with them. 

but that’s not all. 

you can drink potions slightly faster now so that splash potions aren’t as powerful.

Its a good feature that gives drinkable potions balanced mechanics.



some strength potions stacking:

all potion types stacked to the max.

Known bugs: potions do not stack in the brewing stand gui.

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