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Bedrock Stamina or Die

Stamina or Die

Stamina or Die gives the game a more RPG feel to it, giving you a stamina status in the game, this is sure to stop really long chases in PvP battles(hopefully)


DISCLAIMER: This addon was made for a challenge, so it may not be as high-quality as what I normally make

When you start the game, you will see your stamina status starting at low, it will slowly but surely get up to the Optimal status

Your stamina only goes down by sprinting, but will regenerate when you stop running or just walk.

You can regenerate your stamina faster by sneaking

But you might not want to run for too long, if your stamina gets down lower than Critical, you will die to Exhaustion

creator: twitter.com/nubbdz


Holiday Creator Features have to be enabled for this addon to work properly

You can download via the Linkvertise Support Link


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