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Bedrock Statues Mod 3.0

Statues Mod 3.0


tired of the few resources that minecraft gives you to decorate, then don’t worry!  Well, statues mod is here. This is a very easy and fun plugin to use, since it implements more than 300 statues!  totally unique to decorate your minecraft worlds.  and the only thing you will need is an armor stand.

how to use the addon?

1.- place the addon inside the map

2.- enable experimental map features

3.- you will need a stone cutter and an armor stand

4.- just place the armor stand inside the stone cutter, and you will be able to see all the categories of statues available

5.- it’s just a matter of placing the item of the section you selected back in the stone cutter to see all the available statues of the section

6.- you can now select your height and place it where you want


wait there is more!  there is the possibility to customize your own statues.  


How to customize my own statues?

1.- select your skin (minecraft format) in a file explorer and rename it to “ku_custom01”

*after the custom you can place from 01 to 40, each number has different properties:

  • 01-05 men skins
  • 06-10 women skins
  • 11-15 cuby skins
  • 16-20 boy skins
  • 21-25 girl skins
  • 26-30 giant man skins
  • 31-35 gian woman skins
  • 36-40 mutant skins

there are 40 customizable skins!

2.- then cut the image and must go to the following location of the device: “Android > Data > com.mojang.minecraft > files > games > com.mojang > resourse_packs > statuesmod > textures > entity > pamobile”

and paste our skin there

(important to select the option that says overwrite)

depending on the selected number your skin is in its respective section.


extra functions

  • the statues being entities based on armor supports you can place armor and objects in their hands.
  • the plant statues (from the plants vs zombies section) have animations, you just have to crouch and press right click

special thanks:

  • D flog flag
  • Skyrrel Gamer
  • Lil craft yt

many thanks to them who allowed me to use many of their 3D models for this addon



  • if you are a youtuber you can freely review this addon but you must leave the link to this page.
  • give the corresponding credits.
  • have fun!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/c/Diegokugames




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