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Bedrock Steel Age

With the invention of Bedrock Steel Age, the world has revolutionized the way we think about construction and fabrication. This relatively new material is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the industry, due to its unique properties that make it an ideal choice for a variety of purposes.

Bedrock Steel Age is an incredibly strong and incredibly lightweight material, which makes it an ideal choice for many construction projects. It has a high strength to weight ratio, meaning that it is much stronger than other materials, while retaining its light weight. This allows for construction projects to be completed faster and more efficiently, while ensuring the structural integrity of the structure.

This material is also extremely durable and can easily withstand extreme temperatures and weather without fail. Its non-corrosive nature allows it to be used in a range of applications, from building structures like bridges or houses, to manufacturing items like tools or vehicles. Furthermore, it does not interact with other materials, meaning it will not corrode or erode with exposure to water, air or dust.

In addition to its durability and strength, Bedrock Steel Age is also extremely versatile. It can be used in a range of applications, including manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation, and even aerospace. Its malleability and easy workability make it easy to shape and form, while its strength and longevity make it a cheaper, more efficient alternative to other building materials.

Ultimately, the invention of Bedrock Steel Age has revolutionized how we think about the construction and fabrication industry. Its strength, durability, and versatility make it an ideal choice for many applications, and its cost effectiveness makes it an attractive option for projects of all sizes. With its many advantages, Bedrock Steel Age is set to become the material of choice for many industries in the years to come.

Steel Age


Are You Ready to Embark on Adventures in the Darkness of the Middle Ages? Build Your Own Civilization Or Fight For Your Civilization! New Civilizations, Boss Fights, Structures, 3D Weapons And More!




There Are 5 Different Civilizations In This Addon. 

Kingdom Of France 

The Kingdom of France is at War with the Kingdom of England

Soldiers Use “French Sword”

Kingdom Of England

The Kingdom of England is at Wa

r with the Kingdom of France

Soldiers Use “English Sword”


Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire is at War with Byzantine Empire

Soldiers Use “Ottoman Shamsir”

Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire is at War with Ottoman Empire

Soldiers Use “Byzantine Sword”


Bandits May Intercept You, They Attack Villagers And Soldiers For Coins. 

They Have 4 Different Types

They Use Bandit Dagger.


Military Districts 

Castle (4 Different Variations)

Camp (4 Different Variations)

Villages (4 Different Variations)

Villages Does Not Apper Naturally You Have to Craft. You Can Build The Village Of Any Civilization You Want, You Can Establish Your Own Civilization!



The Windmill Is A Huge And Impressive Structure (Place It On A Flat Area)



Bandit Outpost

Bandits’ Hideout. Prepare for Battle to Reach Their Treasure




A Battlefield Containing a Terrifying Prehistoric Creature 






Makes the In-Game Economy Work They Can Be Found in High/Medium/Low Quantity Around the World


Civilizations Have Villagers 

You Can Get All Swords From Blacksmith!

You Can Eat A Nice Meal From Chef!


Be careful, It Hurts!




Don’t Forget To Turn On Experimental Features

creator: Digital Gaming Studios


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