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Bedrock Steel Age

The Bedrock Steel Age is a period of development spanning a period of centuries; it has revolutionized the production of steel, which in turn has heavily impacted the technological advancement of humanity.

In its infancy, the Bedrock Steel Age emerged as a period of enormous innovation, as steel production using bloomery furnaces was revolutionized through improved technique and materials. This allowed for the manufacture of cast iron and steel to reach unprecedented levels of purity. This ushered in a period of unprecedented industrial capacity, allowing for traditionally human labor-intensive construction and manufacturing processes to be automated with the use of steel tools.

The Bedrock Steel Age is most commonly associated with the development of the wrought iron and the steel furnace; these two process marked a dramatic improvement in the quality and production of steel, with increased strength and malleability allowing for the large-scale manufacture of tools and structures that would not have been feasible in prior ages. This period also saw dramatic advances in the use of steel in transportation and communication technology.

The Bedrock Steel Age has had an enormous influence on the modern world; its advances in tooling and construction techniques, as well as its invaluable contribution to transport and communication networks, have all had an unparalleled impact on our modern world. This era has played an essential role in the development of the world as we know it today, and will likely continue to do so for centuries to come.

From its inception to its current day use, the Bedrock Steel Age has played an invaluable role in humankind’s pursuit of achieving a modern world. Its impressive advances in steel production will continue to be relied upon for the development of our society, and it remains an invaluable part of modern life.

Steel Age


Are You Ready to Embark on Adventures in the Darkness of the Middle Ages? Build Your Own Civilization Or Fight For Your Civilization! New Civilizations, Boss Fights, Structures, 3D Weapons And More!




There Are 5 Different Civilizations In This Addon. 

Kingdom Of France 

The Kingdom of France is at War with the Kingdom of England

Soldiers Use “French Sword”

Kingdom Of England

The Kingdom of England is at Wa

r with the Kingdom of France

Soldiers Use “English Sword”


Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire is at War with Byzantine Empire

Soldiers Use “Ottoman Shamsir”

Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire is at War with Ottoman Empire

Soldiers Use “Byzantine Sword”


Bandits May Intercept You, They Attack Villagers And Soldiers For Coins. 

They Have 4 Different Types

They Use Bandit Dagger.


Military Districts 

Castle (4 Different Variations)

Camp (4 Different Variations)

Villages (4 Different Variations)

Villages Does Not Apper Naturally You Have to Craft. You Can Build The Village Of Any Civilization You Want, You Can Establish Your Own Civilization!



The Windmill Is A Huge And Impressive Structure (Place It On A Flat Area)



Bandit Outpost

Bandits’ Hideout. Prepare for Battle to Reach Their Treasure




A Battlefield Containing a Terrifying Prehistoric Creature 






Makes the In-Game Economy Work They Can Be Found in High/Medium/Low Quantity Around the World


Civilizations Have Villagers 

You Can Get All Swords From Blacksmith!

You Can Eat A Nice Meal From Chef!


Be careful, It Hurts!




Don’t Forget To Turn On Experimental Features

creator: Digital Gaming Studios


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