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Bedrock Stormbreaker Addon (with Lightning Strike Enemies Ability | Compatible with other Addons

Today, we take a closer look at the newest addition to the Bedrock add-on series. The Bedrock Stormbreaker Addon offers players a new way to experience survival mode. This exciting new addon allows players to build, explore, and survive in the face of an array of lightning-strike enemies.

The lightning-strike enemies feature provides an extra challenge for the most daring of players. Rather than spending all your time and energy to build, players must also keep their eye out for these lightning-strike enemies. Each enemy type is unique and brings its own distinct challenge. Whether it’s a small group of spiders or a large herd of zombies, the excitement of staying alive is always present.

Not only is the addon compatible with other Bedrock addons, but it can also be used alongside other popular mods, too. This is great news for those gamers that are looking to build and explore together. You can easily extend your playing sessions, without the need to switch up your settings and installs.

The Bedrock Stormbreaker Addon also comes with a number of tools to help you out. Not only can you customize how lightning-strike enemies come into play, but you can also adjust the difficulty settings to suit your gaming needs. This allows players to craft their own unique experience, whether they’re new to the game or seasoned veterans.

In conclusion, the Bedrock Stormbreaker Addon with Lightning Strike Enemies Ability is a fantastic way to get the most out of your survival mode gaming experience. The ability to challenge yourself with lightning-strike enemies, the compatibility with other Bedrock addons, and the adjustable settings are the perfect combination for gamers who want to take their gaming to the next level.

Stormbreaker Addon (with Lightning Strike Enemies Ability | Compatible with other Addons


Stormbreaker is an enchanted axe of Dwarvian manufacture, forged from Uru on Nidavellir with the ability to summon the Bifrost. Following Mjølnir’s destruction, the weapon was forged by Thor in order to defeat Thanos.

Creator: @keyyard [Youtube][Discord Server]


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Different from the Mjolnir, Stormbreaker has a very humble attack style and focus more on pure damage. With high basic attack damage and defensive ability, it’s believed to be more stable at long battles.

Basic Attacks:

  • 16 basic attack damages
  • enchantable with  Axe’s enchantments (best with SMITE V)

Ability (20s cooldown):

  • Resistance III effect for 1 minute
  • Fire Resistance III for 1 minute
  • Lightning strike all nearby targets within 15 blocks range


Preview Video:



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