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Bedrock Strange World

Strange World


This addon will greatly increase the difficulty of your game! This addon enhances all the original monsters, in addition to adding some new ones. This addon adds more crafting recipes, new foods, new weapons and new armors. There are many more interesting things waiting for you to discover!

Original Monster

All monsters have increased life, increased damage, and increased movement speed. Undead monsters are not afraid of sunlight, monsters have a 100% probability of having armor, and monsters’ drops increase.

Elder guardian, Ravager and Warden are now bosses! They also have special drops!

Add Monster

High Explosive Creeper

Angry Creeper

Cannon Monster

Pig Man



Soul Killer


New Block

Ender Log, Ender Leaves and Ender Planks.

Ender Leaves have a lot of drops.


Now fishing can catch a lot of items, even including spawn eggs! So you may never land a fish. You can “make a fortune” by fishing!

Ultimate Mission

Your ultimate mission is to defeat “Herobrine”, which may be difficult, but it’s not an impossible challenge!

Author’s Note

The purpose of making this addon is to bring more happiness to everyone!I hope you all have fun! I am new to addon production, please forgive me if there are bugs. Finally, I apologize for my English level because I am not good at English. Thank you!


creator: SpannerBZ 


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