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Stronger Warden Addon


Its 1.19 and the Warden is finally here, but do you ever think its to easy when you have full netherite armour or just cheesing it? Well this is the addon for you. By having this addon, this mean that you can beat the warden. For those who didn’t, why you still here. Anyways I will show you how this warden is stronger. (Playable in a survival world, no need for a new spawn egg)


It has 750 hp now and can spawn new entities. It can break blocks like leaves, dirt, cobblestone, wool, carpet and webs. It can leap towards you and has a knockback roar. Its collision is smaller and movement is faster. Its range is bigger than normal.


Sculk Monster:

These mobs are spawned by the Warden. It has only 1 hp but don’t let that get over you. Once hit it can spawn blocks and maybe other mobs. Lets see the Blocks

Sculk Stunner:

The block doesnt stun the player but instead damages them. It does 0 damage but makes vibrations each time a player is damaged in the block radius. 

Sculk Transport:

This block spawns and teleports and near by warden to that location and disappears, so destroy it quickly.

Sculk Emerger:

This block when spawn, if xp_orbs are near this block, it spawns a sculk tree. That sculk tree can give a player weakness and night_vision.

Sculk Affector:

This block is the most dangerous block of all. It can add new moves to the Warden like building up towards you or blocking arrows. Other mobs like scites can teleport up when a sculk block is above them.


This mob is weak and spawned by the Sculk monster when hurt. When damaged it can spawn a sculk block.

Shadow Warden:

The Shadow Warden is spawned by the Warden. It may disappear in time but it has less hp and can teleport. Same attacks as the Warden but cannot summon Sculk Monsters or any other moves that the Original Warden has. 


Final Thoughts:

If you want to beat this monster you can, although just saying it would be tougher in survival but it is possible… maybe….

creator: TerenceBird

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