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Bedrock Stumble Guys Addon

Stumble Guys Addon

Stumble Guys addon for minecraft bedrock, you will be able to summon a character that will help you in your adventure in the amazing world of minecraft bedrock, defeating all dangerous mobs and will protect you from everything and everyone



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In this addon you can have the amazing character of stumble guys in your minecraft bedrock he will give you a little help in your adventure see some information from the little warrior


Here are all the animations that contains in the addon

All the animations here are in game!

Standing Animation

Attack Animation

Run Animation

Guys are peaceful creatures that will help you in your adventure in minecraft bedrock, you will get a guys as soon as you are born in your world and you can use it to help you in survival


this item below is what you will get to summon your guys

Health: 500
Speed: Medium
Attack: 7

All the animations here are in game!

Stumble Guys in game

If it’s going to record, leave all the credits and don’t leave the medifire link, if it’s discovered, you’ll be punished


  • Contains attacking, running and standing animations
  • Attacks all mobs hostile

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