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Stupid Utilities

Hello, this is my first mcpe addon, I will add a lot of content in this addon, like items that no one will use but will exist. And who will choose the update content will be YOU. How to do that? Go to comments and show you idea.






Water Crafting

Yes, crafting for water, what a stup.. cool thing!

Lava Crafting

If this addon have crafting for water,why not for lava?

Red Obsidian

Remember the red obsidian from the first mcpe versions? Now he is back.


Red Bone Meal,lol

Lava Sword

Attack Damage: 10

Durability: 2133

Looks like it burns

Lava Pickaxe

Durability: 7321

Breaks all Obsidian Types Very Very Fast

Other Thing that burns

Aflame Shield

Like a Normal Shield but with 3614 Durability


Solid Lava

Lava but its a solid block

Solid Lava Brick


Solid Lava And Solid Lava Brick Block Variants

Solid Lava Brick Slab

Solid Lava Brick Stairs

Solid Lava Stairs

There is Solid Lava Slab but i forgot to take screenshot ‘-‘

That’s it for 1.0.

Show your addon ideas for Stupid Utilities.


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