Stupidly OP Mobs

Have you ever wanted to play with mobs so OP that fighting them with regular Minecraft weapons is basically pointless xD Have you ever wanted to put your friends through a cage and leaving them with zombies, only to be disappointed that the regular zombies were not a threat Or you just wanted to test some OP weapons and the regular mobs did not have enough health Well now I present to you The Stupidly OP Mobs Addon!!!


NOTE: Enable EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY in your world options in order to use this addon!!!


This addon add 3 brand new mobs:


  • Stupidly OP Zombie

The Stupidly OP Zombie has enough health that it will survive anything and trying to kill him using a regular sword would be pointless it also have enough damage to one shot you, so be careful around this one bcs one hit will end you (with a full set of diamond armor its still one shot)



Not to mention he has an awesome new yellow T-shirt and shoes 😀


  • Stupidly OP Skeleton

The Stupidly OP Skeleton will shoot so many arrows at you that you would not even be able to get anywhere near him unless you use some special armor or something, also this again has enough health that fighting him with regular weapons will be pointless (Hey at least this one would not one shot you)



  • Stupidly OP Creeper

The Stupidly OP Creeper will have a much more powerful explosion that would also light everything on fire, don’t bring this guy anywhere near you house it will end badly, and btw this is also a bit faster than a regular creeper just for fun, do I even have to mention the health at this point you will not kill him using any regular weapon (unless you use a flint and steel to ignite him I guess this would count as killing him)



And here is a showcase video

I hope you will like them 🙂


By aadhu

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