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Bedrock Super Easy Mode !

Super Easy Mode !


Do you want make Minecraft easier to complete ? Or do you just want an easier way to speedrun the game ? If yes this add-on is exactly what you’re looking for !

This add-on makes the game easier on various aspects :

  • Buffed mob loots (for peaceful mobs like Cows and Sheeps, and for hostile mobs like Endermen, Blazes or Iron Golems…)
  • Buffed loots from structures (villages, bastions…)
  • Added an add-on option to add more HP (×2, ×3 and ∞)
  • ×2 air supply when going underwater
  • Made villagers trades more accessible during early-game
  • The add-on is multiplayer friendly !

This add-on was play tested several times, but if you find any bug, or if you have any suggestion don’t hesitate to contact me on Discord : Yeqru#1107

Also, this is my very first time at making an add-on, so feedback would be appreciated so I can make better ones in the future !

Have fun !



To install the add-on :

Use the provided link to get a ZIP file (from Google Drive for safety reasons). The ZIP file should contain a READ ME file and the mcpack file.

To extract the .mcpack, you’ll need the password which is written in the READ ME file.

Once installed, you can use the pack by adding it to the behavior packs of a New World. You can also select the amount of HP you want by clicking the settings gear as shown here :

REMINDER : Modifying the pack’s settings will be impossible after creating the world. If you’ve already created a world and wish to change the amount of HP for players, you’ll have to create another world with the settings you want.

creator: www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpMwo2N-zxJmpY6Yw_8arg


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