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Bedrock Sword Plus

Sword Plus


This addon adds many variations of the sword to Minecraft. Now you can collect many different swords as well as you can craft it with the corresponding ore. Hope this addon will make your gaming experience more enjoyable

This addon adds 4 different swords for each of its materials: wood, gold, stone, iron, diamond and netherite. Those 4 swords include dagger, big, giant and massive sword. You can craft these swords from the respective ore, stick or sword

Here are the stats of those swords (including normal swords for you to compare):

How to make those swords:

  • Dagger: 1 stick + 1 material:
  • Big Sword: 1 respectively sword + 3 respectively materials:
  • Giant Sword: 1 respectively big sword + 3 respectively materials:
  • Massive Sword: 1 respectively giant sword + 3 respectively materials:

You can support me here: https://paypal.me/leetrongjnghiax


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