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Bedrock Talking Ben Addon

Talking Ben Addon

Do you want to play Talking Ben but in Minecraft?

Well, this Addon is for you!

It is because this Addon Added Talking Ben in Minecraft.

This Addon Added Talking Ben, Talking Ben Armor and Foods, and so much more!!!


Let’s start now shall we?

Talking Ben Burp: 

Talking Ben Burp is just Talking Ben Burping Item, but it can insta kill every single mobs in Minecraft when you throws it at them.

The picture above is where I killed the Enderdragon with the Talking Ben Burp with only one shot.

Talking Ben Armor:

When you wear Talking Ben Armor, you can get these OP Effects:

You can also become unkillable when you wear a Talking Ben Armor.


Wine is Talking Ben’s favorite drink. When you eat wine, you can get these OP Effects for 30 seconds:

You can also tame Talking Ben with a Wine:


Now, let’s move on to the main topic (Talking Ben)

Talking Ben have 1000 hearts and Talking Ben is also Harmless.

Talking Ben is unkillable so you can punch him whatever you want.

Talking Ben Addon Gameplay Here:



Just turn on these experimental gameplay options to make the addon work:

creator: https://twitter.com/MrSPiRfor1


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