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Minecraft, but previously untameable mobs are now tameable. With melons, of course. Build your own army of whatever mobs you like and they’ll all be friends and will all fight for you. Cows, wither skeletons, mooshrooms, endermen, witches, allays, polar bears, bees, villagers, you name it – and you can tame it.

Tame anything in Minecraft! Using the always healthy, always nutritious, always delicious – Melons. You know this makes sense. So grab the download, grab some melon, tame whatever you want. How about your very own raging hoard of Zombies? Or your very own raging hoard of Villagers? Bit of both? It’s all up to you. 


But watch those Creepers.

Some key points: 

  • No changes to already-tameable mobs (cats, wolves, etc)
  • Can tame all untameable mobs with melons
  • Can heal all untameable mobs with melons
  • If mob has no attack, when tamed they receive melee attack (e.g. cows, sheep, cod)
  • Vanilla behavior unchanged
  • A tamed mob will attack anything the player attacks
  • A tamed mob will attack anything that attacks the player

Tame them all!

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