Tameable Vexes!

Do you wish you had more pets in your Minecraft world? This addon makes it possible for you to tame vexes and keep them as pets. If you liked my previous addon, Tameable Spiders, then you will probably love this one. You can now have a pet vex along with your dogs and cats(and if you used Tameable Spiders, also your pet spiders).


Taming a vex isn’t as easy as taming a spider, wolf or cat. First, vexes can only be summoned by Evokers in Illager Raids or in Illager Mansions, or by using the creative spawn egg, or by using the command: /summon minecraft:vex. You tame them by giving them golden apples. Plus, since they aren’t attracted to you when you hold golden apples, you have to somehow feed them while they’re swinging their iron blades at you. Once you have tamed your vex, it will retain its ability to go through solid blocks. 

Like any ordinary pet, it will kill whatever you hit. That includes your other pets too. So don’t accidentally hit your pets unless you want civil war. This is a glitch I do not know how to fix. They can be leashed as well. 

Have fun with your new pet vexes! 

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By aadhu

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