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Bedrock Tameable Wardens + Baby Wardens

Tameable Wardens + Baby Wardens


Befriend your greatest enemies with. Tameable Wardens addon. As it turns out us players aren’t the only ones drawn to the irresistible, glistening beauty of diamonds. Giving some to the wardens may result in a taboo friendship. Fight along side with the most powerful mob ever added to Minecraft. Ride the warden, store your items on it, tie it to your base to defend. Breed two wardens to create the new baby warden, all the power in a smaller, cuter package.

After a warden has spawned, wait for it to finish its roar animations and begin walking around. Then prepare diamonds in your hand and carefully approach the warden, remember it is still hostile. When you’re close enough simple interact with it using diamonds (just like a wolf with bones). It should take just 1-3 diamonds until you see the heart particles and the warden is yours.

Having a warden is like a Wolf/Horse combo. The warden will fight for you like a wolf but can be rode like a horse.

Your warden although having 500 health may need to be healed. To heal a warden feed it anything you feed your Minecraft dog (most meats).


Tamed wardens are even more powerful than their wild counterparts. Faster, stronger, with a more powerful sonic blast that they use more often.

Tamed wardens will only be hostile towards enemy mobs and anything that attacks you, including other players. Making your warden the perfect thing to bring into battle.

To create a baby warden you will first need two tamed wardens. Then feed the two wardens either Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, or Enchanted Golden Apples. Like wolves the baby warden will automatically be tamed to you. Unlike wolves though baby wardens will stay babies forever.

Just like horses to control the warden you will need to place a saddle on it. To unlock storage space on the warden place a chest in the third slot.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD1PIgyULARV7ZEYHXwfy1Q


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