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Bedrock Tanzanite Stuff Pack

Tanzanite Stuff Pack

Tanzanite stuff pack is a small minecraft bedrock add-on developed and created by Goosegameler. The add-on is about a gem that I have transformed into weapons, tools, trees, blocks and materials. This is how Tanzanite Stuff pack was born


You now know the little story of the add-on. But what is important now is what and what features the add-on has and what can be new. Let’s start with the: 

Tanzanite ore:

 This ore is generated in every minecraft world from height 22 in about 1-2 blocks. It drops about 2 to 9 Tanzanite slivers and 1 to 2 Tanzanite. It is only generated in the overworld 


 Tanzanite is a gemstone that can only be obtained from the tanzanite ore. you can use it to make slivers and weapons or tools 

Tanzanite sliver: 

 you build tanzanite out of these little things 

Tanzanite tools:

 Sword, ax, pickaxe, shovel and hoe. They added to your collection of tools and are more stable and better than anything else. 

Tanzanite Sapling:

 A gigantic tree with blue-purple leaves grows out of this small shoot of nature, which is a specimen of nature. He’s sure to drop one or two tanzanite berries. 

Tanzanite liquid:

 Brewed from a drop of tanzanite ?? if that tastes good you can try it … Thick and purple? … 

Tanzanite berry:

 A small partially sweet berry from a tanzanite tree. well a little lil’s fruit what can be wrong with it? It is heavy in the stomach. 

Tanzanite block:

This heavy block made of hard tanzanite is not so bad as a piece of jewelry, but it has no effect … 

So I think that was the first time all the important things you should know. Oh no wait, I have something else: The durability of the tools and the sword is 1,200 durability pretty strong right? A little developer tip: try the berry and the liquid, not they are heavy in the stomach … Well, if you have any questions, please report them in the comments or bugs below. 




How to Install and Use the Add-On:

  1. Click on the Download link
  2. Download the file
  3. Open the file with minecraft
  4. You create a New World / or add the addon to an World
  5. Make sure that you have activate

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjKvIRAn7npLLFZEtXjLR0w


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