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Bedrock Target Setter Stick

Target Setter Stick

Do you have add-ons that add bosses or creatures?, Do you wanna watch how entities fight each other? This addon can make possible a fight between different mobs by hitting em using “Target Setter” Stick


Turn on “GameTest Framework” and “Holiday Creator Features

You can get the stick using “/give @s add:target_setter” command or you can find it in creative category “Items”

 How does it work?

When you hit an entity using “target Setter” this one will show “Angry particles”, this indicates that entity is selected

You just need to hit the next entity to set them as targets (Note: entities must have AI components for attacking mobs like Zombies, if not the entity won’t attack)

The stick can be used on entities from addons so you can get fun 😛


Click to download

creator: https://twitter.com/Juaneitor11



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