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Hello Everyone, I’m Hendri 😀

I will be releasing an addon project that I made last week which is an addon from the hot wheels team!! Do you know Team hot wheels animation? If you don’t know I recommend it for you to watch 😀



Team Hot Wheels is an American-Canadian animated series of movies by Mattel Playground Productions, Titmouse for the second to fourth films and Mercury Filmworks for the first film. Based on Mattel’s Hot Wheels toyline, the franchise currently consists of four features released through a multitude of distribution platforms. All were directed by Matt Danner.


1.Twin Mill



Drive : Gage Green

Powers / Skills : Driving in high speed

Health : 40


2.Quick N Sik



Driver : Brandon

Powers / Skills : High intellect

Health : 40


3. Baja truck



Driver : Wyatt

Powers / Skills : Stunt Driving

Health : 40


4. Bone Shaker



Driver : Rhett

Powers / Skills : Driving with his feets

Health : 40


Car Key

To drive a car you must have a key and here are some keys that you can use

Twin Mill Key

The Twin Mill key is used to start the Twin Mill engine


Quick N Sik Key

The Quick N Sik key is used to start the Quick N Sik engine

Bone Shaker Key

The Bone Shaker key is used to start the Bone Shaker engine

Baja Truck Key

The Baja Truck key is used to start the Baja Truck engine


How to Start the Car

1.Click “Open Door”

2.Click “Drive”

3.Click Open > Put the Key into the slot


This addon is equipped with wheel and door animation plus a running sound and the sound of starting the car when key is inserted 

Hope You Like This Addon 😀


■ Vehicle :

-Twin Mill

-Quick N Sik

-Baja Truck

-Bone Shaker

■ Item Car Key



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