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Bedrock Teleportation Item and Warp Item

Teleportation Item and Warp Item


This is a behavior pack that adds 2 new Warp Entities that are used to mark down important locations in your multiplayer world / realm, like world spawn and a way to get back to one’s respawn point. There is as well a teleportation menu, that allows you to send tp requests to other players asking them if you are allowed to teleport to them. (tpr-tpa system)

Experimental Toggles:

Warp Menu Information:

To place the Spawn Maker entity:
/summon tpi:spawn_warp ~~~

To place the Bed Warp Maker entity:
/summon tpi:bed_warp ~~~

To remove any of the markers:
/event entity @e[type=] tpi:remove

The marker entities are made to be immortal, so a simple /kill command cannot remove them! It will just summon it self back. And there can only be one marker of each type in the world at the same time.
To make the UI appear, you just need to “right-click” / “use” the Warp Menu item.


TP Menu Information:

To make the TP Menu UI appear, you do the same as with the Warp Menu but while holding the TP Menu item. You will be greeted with 3 options:
Send out a TP Request:
– Allows you to select a specific player that is online at the moment and send them a request.
Manage incoming requests:
– Here go the TP requests that other players send to you, you can chose which to deny and to accept. When accepted, that player will teleport to you.

Your outgoing request:
Here will appear the TP Request that you have send to an other player. You can have only one outgoing request at a time. Since have multiple doesn’t really have any use, you can only be at one location at a time. And like that others can’t spam others with tp requests.

Bed Warp Setup:

In the following image, it’s shown how to set up a Bed Warp marker so it works how intended.
Step1: Teleport in to the end dimension.
Step2: Place down an end_portal block using /setblock ~~~ end_portal somewhere over the void in a secure location.
Step3: Summon the Bed Warp Marker right over the end_portal block you’ve placed.
Finally: Secure the end_portal & marker using some deny blocks and border blocks.

creator: UrbanMinecraft


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