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Bedrock Terraria Eyes&Eyes

Terraria Eyes&Eyes


Have you ever wanted a small chunk of Terraria in your Minecraft world…? WELL, NOW YOU CAN!!! With the Eyes&Eyes addon your night sky has never been so alive! Who knows what secrets might be hidden within. 

Eyes&Eyes addon adds six brand new mobs AND a Boss Fight!!! 

Are you in for the challenge?

The mobs are featured below.



Demon Eye

Demon Eye(s) will appear only at night.


Purple Demon Eye


Green Demon Eye



Servant Of Cthulhu

The Servant(s) Of Cthulhu will PROTEC and ATTAC.


Eye Of Cthulhu (Resting)


Eye Of Cthulhu (Charging)

The Eye Of Cthulhu can only be summoned by stricking a (RED) Demon Eye with lightning. (Using a trident with channeling on a thunderstorm).


Eye Golem

The Eye Golem is a rare drop by the Eye Of Cthulhu (Looting III recommended). It’s purpose is to guard and protect you, but only after giving It a golden carrot. It’s favorite food is any kind of raw meat (except fish).

creator: Ceiszu162 



Once you have downloaded the addon just open the .mcaddon file and Minecraft will automatically install it for you, just make sure you enable it in your Minecraft world. No experimental gameplay needed. 


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