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Bedrock The Anthensy Expansion (Lost Experiment Update)

The Anthensy Expansion (Lost Experiment Update)

The sudden alien infection that struck the plains, peaks, and fields that has been infesting the land has finally started to take on a good shape with instead of dissolving trees, and nuclear gas being produced, mythical trees, beautiful plants and vegetation started to bloom all over the Plains, Peaks and Slopes, and Warm areas of the world.

The mushroom islands has started to also bloom in new vegetation as well.

  • Mutated Enderman

The result of an experiment by the illagers between an enderman and a villager

  • Mind-Controlled Pig, Strider, and Wolf

All three of these mobs went through horrible experiments before escaping all together and running to the nearest safe place

  • Purple Pillager (not actually their real name, they name is long so there’s a substitute)

The illagers behind the experiments and the ones protecting a crystal that can mind-controlling anything it touches

  • Blue Slime

A slime that was rumored to be the combination of a slime and coral, hoping to used by the illagers to invade ocean cities (upcoming feature)

  • Earthling

A Creature behind the disappearance of the villagers and unknown slaves and the possession of one supernatural abilitiy, duplication for it to hide itself from threads, and when found, it uses some the rod to stun the player and giving it a chance to run away.



  • Earthling Abomination

In the last age of the illagers and to make it’s kingdom superior, they combined as many creatures, villagers, and unknown slaves to use as it last defender, when the junk was fused, it holds the possession of all the creatures supernatural abilities into one, with the head of a famous king being a stone hand.

(Note, some of the code and functionality used for the Earthling Abomination were actually used for the Jungle Animation in the Jungle Expansion so there it is just in case the mob looks familiar to some of you)


If you look past the tragic backstory behind the mobs, you get to explore a beautiful plains that was once an eerie forest


There’s actually more content in the game but that’s for you to find and discover.


In the previous version of this addon, there were custom trees with their respective blocks generating throughout the Plains and sometimes Snowy Slopes. However in this version, the trees have been removed since I am testing structures and where they will be generating so for right now, the Logs and Leaves of the trees will be unobtainable from natural generation.

Note about the Ancient City

Since 1.18.30 released and with it added Ancient Cities into the experiments, I am trying to update the Ancient City to while make it home to the Warden, but to also be where the Earthling Abomination can be summoned at using the unknown portal shaped centerpiece. If the centerpiece does get an update, then the Earthling Abomination summoner will have to been moved somewhere else in the world. If the portal doesn’t get an update and stays the same upon full release, then the Summoner Functionality will be implemented, but as of right now, the Ancient Cities didn’t get updated in this addon.

This is a concept I had while making the Crystals that are used to summon the Beast.

What do you think about this concept?

The New World

Explore the magical forest that was once a deadly grassland




To install the addon, just simply click on the text that says “AnthensyExpansion.mcaddon”, wait till it reaches 100%, click on downloads, and click on “AnthensyExpansion.mcaddon”.

creator: JoeyTallarock


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