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Bedrock The Dark Forest (Beta)

The Dark Forest (Beta)

                    Dark forest 

in this biome there are some races such as dark elves, trolls, orcs, fairies and dark humans, some of these races are at war with others, and to solve this they created an alliance of darkness, dark humans allied with dark elves and as fairies, the Orcs allied with the trolls and as corrupted fairies, the only ones who did not join anyone were the Satyrs, such as Gaias, the Vampires and the Minotaurs, so if you enter this biot you will face a constant war that never ends , these races have been fighting for so long that they’ve forgotten why they’re doing it.


I made this addon using the addon maker, it is not complete but whenever i can i will update it. This Addon has three Bosses What are these: 


•Lord of Nether: a creature capable of burning down an entire forest and spawning several blazes, you can find it in an Elven Fort It has a 3% spawn chance 

•Guardian of Souls: he is the hardest to kill due to his abilities that are, teleport, and shoot soul balls, besides giving you blinding effect, he has a 2% chance to spawn. 

•The God Satyr: this is yours from the Satyrs he is also very hard to kill as he is a giant satyr and gives you nausea effect, he has a 3% chance of spawn 

 ______________________________________ These are the armor you can find or make with Dark Forest items: 

• Armor of shadow leaves:

 • Shadow Fragment Armor: 

• Armor of consecrated sheets:


• Consecrated Armor:


The Dark Forest imagens:

Trabalhos manuais: 



Coloque mais minérios mais bassoes, melhorei a sistema de spawn e as gerações de montanhas


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