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The Darken


This is an add-on that adds a darker type of warden to the game which is stronger than its counterpart. Due to its strength, it won’t be spawning in the world. This add-on was just made for fun so download and enjoy!

When activating the behavior pack:

-Once the behavior pack has been activated, you will see a setting icon next to the check mark.

-When clicking on the settings icon you will be given an option to hide the Darkens boss bar and show its boss bar

-If you choose to hide the boss bar, you won’t be able to see how much health the Darken has

-If you choose to show the boss bar, you will be able to see how much health the Darken has which is good for mob battle videos!

THE Darken:

Full body view

Comparison with the warden


(Experiments) Make sure Holiday Creator Features are activated:

If you use this add-on in your video make sure to,

-Give proper credit

-Don’t use custom download links (Download links must lead here)


-Don’t upload this add-on to other websites without my permission

-Don’t use the Darken skin in your add-ons without my permission (I made the skin without special effects to change the color)

-Don’t copy this add-on


  • Use Minecraft 1.19 and up
  • Activate add-on in the resource/behavior pack settings
  • Turn on experimental gameplay
  • Done

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpm4lyyAyJO3duAuaPzrzUw


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