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Bedrock The Definitive Light Add-Ons

The Definitive Light Add-Ons [Dynamic Light]

This Add-Ons allows dynamic lights to be implemented in your Minecraft Bedrock, which means that if you hold an item in your hand or equip it in an armor holder, it will emit light as long as it is an item or block related to lighting…!!!needs active experimental features to work!!!


To use the lights you must equip your right hand with items or blocks that emit light, each item or block emits different levels of lighting, burning entities can also emit light, as well as fireworks, fireballs, XP orbs, splash potion, wither flaming trident and flaming arrows.

Level 0.1= Magma Block

Level 0.2=Medium Amethyst Bud, redstone, enchanted golden apple, enchanted book and experience bottle

Level 0.3= large_amethyst_bud, blaze_spawn_egg, glowstone_dust, nether_star, blaze_rod and glow_ink_sac

Level 0.4= amethyst cluster and burning entities

Level 0.5= redstone_torch, glow_lichen, glow_berries and lava_bucket

Level 0.6= crying obsidiann

Level 0.7= lit_pumpkin, torch, soul_torch, lantern, soul lantern, sea lantern, campfire and soul_campfire

Level 0.8= end rod

Level 0.9= enchanting_table and beacon

Level 1.0= sealantern, lit_redstone_lamp, glowstone and shroomligh

items dropped on the floor can also light up but it will cause lag in your world (you can disable this), in the future I will update this addons and improve performance



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To install these Add-Ons on your Minecraft Bedrock, you will need to download a file manager to extract the files and install them in your game, I recommend you to use the ZArchive manager if you don’t have one. First, open your file manager, you must go to the folder where the Add-Ons was donwloaded (it will probably be in the download folder), select the version of the Add-Ons you downloaded, click on the extract option (extract to name of the file) and after having done that it will generate a folder with the name of the Add-Ons that contains two files (zip and mcaddon) which you can choose to install in your game, the zip file you will have to install the Add-Ons manually and the mcaddon file will import the Add-Ons for your game, if you search on how to install Add-Ons in Minecraft Bedrock on YouTube you should probably find numerous tutorials teaching you step by step how to install Add-Ons…

creator: https://twitter.com/@suspraize


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