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Bedrock The Forgotten Legends

Bedrock, The Forgotten Legends is a captivating strategy game unlike any other. Created by indie developers Studio Goatman, this game is set in the modern day. Players assume the role of a character in Bedrock, the forgotten kingdom that was deposited deep within the Earth’s crust centuries ago.

The game follows a unique game play format, allowing the player to understand the kingdom’s history, politics, and culture. As the player progresses, they will uncover new technologies and strategies for dominating their opponents.

Players also have to manage resources such as food, gold and other resources that are used to upgrade their units and construct buildings. The more resources gathered, the more powerful the player’s nation becomes. This allows the player to explore different strategies such as dominating through economic power or through military might.

The game also features unique unique voice acting, detailed animations, and a deep and engaging story. The combat system is quite compelling as well, enabling players to plan accordingly depending on the enemy’s armies and combat scenarios. All of these features make Bedrock, The Forgotten Legends an exciting gaming experience.

Apart from that, studio Goatman emphasizes cooperative play. Aside from playing with other people, the developers also put in significant effort to make sure you can team up with in-game AI characters. As a result, you can always count on getting a good challenge while playing Bedrock, The Forgotten Legends.

To sum up, Bedrock, The Forgotten Legends is a captivating and unique strategic game. With its modern and inclusive story as well as numerous systems for managing resources and engaging in combat, this game is an enjoyable experience for every type of player.


The Forgotten Legends


The Forgotten Legends is a medieval Fantasy addon that is still in a Beta state, but aims to bring a whole world of fantasy creatures, such as Dragons, orcs, elves and more!


Located in a fantasy world this addon will add a ton of new entities that will improve the experience of the player in every possible way, right now this is a beta, so many things are just for the creative mode, but if you play in survival you can explore the darkest caves and the dangerous creatures this addon adds, or in the overworld you’ll be able to fight against the orcs or the creepy ghosts.

You can check the development of the addon and get some unique stuff joining our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/QEJJg6vqhR

-The entities that this addon adds are:

  • Orc ringleader:

Located in the Extreme Hills, Savanna and Dessert Biomes, these spawn with 2 more Orc warriors covering them, WAAAGHH!

  • Orc warrior

They spawn with the orc ringleader, they are very dangerous.

  • Nekros Colossus

An abbomination of Bones that came to “life” they are considered as mini bosses, so, be very careful when you find one in the darkest caves of Minecraft.

  • Ochi Nekros

Similar to the Nekros Colossus, they spawn in the caves.

  • Ghost

They use to spawn in the overworld when the night arrives, very spooky creatures that will be very happy to see you running and screaming while they chase you :))

  • Juggernaut

A monster made out of flesh and blood, they spawn in the deepest caves by the moment.

  • Nether Boss (we are still working on the name)

This creature is in a Beta state, isn’t finished and presents A LOT of bugs, will not spawn in your survival worlds.

  • Satirimus – The Final Legend

This creature is in a Beta state, isn’t finished and presents A LOT of bugs, will not spawn in your survival worlds.

-Items, weapons and more:

  • Ebony gear

The ebony is a new ore you’ll be able to find in the deepest caves, is stronger than the netherite but harder to find.

  • Totems

There are just 2 totems in this version, the healing and protection totems, but the second one cannot be obtained in survival, to get the totems you need to “decraft” the totems of undying and then combine the empty totem with some elements:

  • Necromancy Table and Magical Objects Table

Here you’ll be able to craft some cool stuff related to the necromancy, such as conjuration books and the totems (exclusive for the Magical Objects Table)


  • Tomes

If you want to help us in the development of the addon feel free to send us a message in our discord server!



Just click over the RP and BP links and you’ll get the .zip files, then copy and paste them inside their respective folders in the com.mojang files


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