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Bedrock The Grim Reaper Add-On

The Grim Reaper Add-On

Hi, so today i made a new Add-On, and its called grim reaper now, grim reaper is scary (i think lol) he is very tall (i think) that’s all for the brief introduction


Grim Reaper:

so, the grim reaper is a skeleton that has a weapon called “Scythe” and also you can get your own scythe in the weapon category btw and it is craftable and i forgot to screenshot the recipe sorry

  • health: 400
  • speed: normal 
  • attack_damage: 91
  • effect: blindness
  • effect duration: 21 or 20


  • can summon skeletons
  • can summon lighting 
  • can summon souls that will explode

now, let me remind you guys something grim reaper can take damage, BUT you can’t kill him because he is the death himself “did that make sense? idk” 


in-game screenshots:






creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Hm8T6fAPw3cs4QHMVpE2w


uhm please Turn on All Experimental Gameplay



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