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Bedrock The Grinder Block Crafting Table

The Grinder Block Crafting Table

With this add-on there is a new block called the “Grinder Block”. This is a custom crafting table that breaks things down into finer versions. For example, Cobblestone becomes gravel. Gravel becomes sand. And sand becomes concrete powder.


In this Minecraft Bedrock Add-On, there is a new crafting table called the grinder block that breaks items down into a finer version. 

I originally designed this block to turn cobblestone into gravel and gravel into sand! That is definitely one of my favorite recipes for this table, but there are many more!!!

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes:

Here are the current recipes for the table. You can get:

  • Clay from Coarse Dirt
  • Cobblestone from Stone
  • Orange Concrete Powder from Red Sand
  • White Concrete Powder from Sand
  • Gravel from Andesite
  • Gravel from Cobblestone
  • Gravel from Diorite
  • Gravel from Polished Diorite
  • Clay from Dirt
  • Gunpowder from Flint
  • Rad Sand from Chiseled Red Sandstone
  • Red Sand from Granite
  • Red Sand from Polished Granite
  • Red sand from  Smooth Red Sandstone
  • Sand from Chiseled Sandstone
  • Sand from Gravel
  • Sand from Sandstone
  • Sand from Smooth Sandstone
  • Snow from Ice

I’m definitely open for suggestions for version 2. Simply email me at [email protected]

Here is the recipe to make the Grinder Block



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