The Helpful Quality of Life for Creative Addon

This addon adds a lot of helpful items which are primarily meant to be used in creative mode for testing or building. This could be used to test new features like the warden or it could be used to test new Addons. In any case when in creative mode this addon will be quite useful.


To begin get the item named “setup” and use it to set up the mod. After you use the setup item there will be a barrel below you with all that you will need. There will also be a book in there that will describe all the items like I will do here


I divided the items into three shulker boxes because they couldn’t fit into one.


The Red Shulker Box

Effect Toggles

There are 7 items that toggle different Vanilla effects until they are untoggled. They are

-night vision

-haste 255

-conduit power

-bad omen(60 seconds)

-saturation 255


-fire resistance






Gamerule Toggles

These are toggleable items that can toggle 7 certain game rules they are

-keep inventory


-friendly fire (pvp)

-mob spawning

-fire spreads

-tnt explodes

-mob griefing





The magnet sucks all items currently rendered in the world toward you when it’s active

Full Health Item

When used the full health item will heal you fully or alternatively you can drop it on the ground to heal everything within 5 blocks of it fully

The Orange Shulker Box

Overenchanted Tools

There are 4 over enchanted tools, a netherite sword with sharpness 100, a wooden sword with knock back 100, shears with efficiency and unbreaking 100, and flint and steel with unbreaking 100


The flyers an item that replaces the item in your chestplate spot with an elytra and replaces your main hand with flight duration 3 rockets so you can quickly fly around. Just be careful because anything in your chest spot will be deleted

Up 10 and Down 10

The up 10 and down 10 items are items that when used will teleport the player either up 10 blocks or down 10 blocks and when dropped will teleport all entities within 5 blocks of it up 10 or down 10 blocks


There are 2 teleporte currently. one is the nether teleporter and one is a end teleporter. When used a piece of either the end or nether portal will spawn on you sending you to that dimension or back from that demension

Break Aura

The break aura item will toggle what I call break aura. BE CAREFUL. When Clive a 10x10x10 area centered around the player will be replaced by air.


Flat is a toggleable item that when active gives the player speed 5 and places grass with dirt under it under your feet and removes 6 blocks above the grass so you can quickly move and flatten the land or make a flat island

Kill Aura

Kill aura is a toggleable item that when active kills all things(except yourself) within a 5 block radius of yourself

Baddie Killer

The baddie killer is meant to be used to kill all entities without messing up a farm or villager trading hall. When used it will kill everything except for everything on the list that pops up when you type /function bklist

Redstone Box

The redstone box when used gives you most of the things used for redstone  contraptions so you can quickly get them all without spending time getting them

Hostile Sphere

The hostile sphere is a throwable item that when lands summons a collection of hostile mobs. Be careful.

Dirt Bomb

Thedirt bomb is a throwable that has 0 gravity and summons a ball of dirt on impact so you can quickly build a rough draft of a large structure

Better Ender Pearl

The better ender pearl is just like an ender pearl but it has no cool down and flys straiter quicker

Lightning Orb

The lightning orb is a throwable Item that Summons a Lightning bolt on impact

TNT Ball

The tnt ball is a throwable item that explodes on impact

The Yellow Shulker Box

Gamemode Switcher

When used the gamemode switcher will switch your gamemode between creative and survival mode

Difficulty Switcher

When used the difficulty changer will rotate the difficulty of your world


Time Changer

When used the time changer will rotate the time of day in your world

Weather Changer

When used the weather changer will change the weather and keep it at whatever you change it to

Daylight Cycle

When toggled off the time of day will stop

Test Dummy

The test dummy is a mob with no behaviors and has the health and shape of a zombie(or player) it is also affected by smite and bane of arthropods so it can be used to test damage. It also has a boss health bar when you come near it plus when you try to use it you will heal it.

Defense Wand

When you use the defense wand it will change the armor on the dummy adding defense each time you use it up to 20(the vanilla max)


Be sure to enable holiday creator features in your world

Please give feedback in the comments and link this page if you share it In any way.


higher quality featured image that tells more about the add on.


Linkvertise download 🙂

turn on holiday creator features in your world

creator: MyFeetAreOnFire


By aadhu

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