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Bedrock The Herrscher of Consciousness

One of the most significant new developments in the technology industry is the emergence of Bedrock – The Herrscher of Consciousness. As its name implies, Bedrock is a game-changing artificial intelligence technology that has taken the industry by storm and is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals are using AI to achieve their goals.

Developed by a team of leading researchers and engineers from the U.S. and Japan, Bedrock is an artificial general intelligence (AGI) whose central precept is to provide superior machine learning capabilities that are informed by human reasoning. Its mission is to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions in real time, making it an essential business tool for data-driven insights.

Bedrock’s proprietary algorithm has been designed to be a superior artificial intelligence with the cognitive capacity to process many different forms of data simultaneously, interpret the results in line with user expectations, and make informed decisions in real time. It is the first of its kind to have the ability to make decisions beyond what the original programming specifies.

In addition to its superior cognitive capabilities, Bedrock is equipped with a range of specialized services, such as the ability to collaborate with humans (via its “Herrscher” feature), discuss matters in natural language, and provide advice on decision making. By leveraging its powerful artificial intelligence, Bedrock enables individuals and organizations to quickly and accurately analyze large data sets to determine the best course of action.

As a unique artificial intelligence platform, Bedrock’s potential for both business and personal applications is almost limitless. As we move increasingly into a world where machines and humans are expected to work together, Bedrock is set to become a critical component of the modern business environment. As Bedrock’s sophisticated AI capabilities continue to be developed and refined, its potential is likely to be realized in many different areas, from healthcare to finance and beyond.

Bedrock – The Herrscher of Consciousness – is transforming the way the world does business and is a technological development of revolutionary importance. As it continues to evolve, it is certain to have an even greater impact on the technological landscape of current and future generations.

[Honkai 3rd] The Herrscher of Consciousness


This addon brings the character ‘The Herrscher of Consciousness’ to Minecraft! If you are a Honkai and Minecraft fan, you should try this addon! With this addon you can turn into the powerful Herrscher and fight!

To turn into the herrscher, you need to find the item in your inventory (for now you can only get the item in creative mode). Hold it and then you will become the herrscher.

There are 3 modes for her, blade, spear and chain, which matches the 3 UI on your screen. You can sneak and punch the ground to change the mode.

Sword mode

(The fist picture is that the common attack in this mode.The second picture is that the special skill in this mode.You can long pre/right click to use it.There are different skills in different modes.)

Spear mode


Chain blade mode

Everytime you hit the target, the SP in the actionbar will increase. When your SP is higher, or equal to 125, you can sneak and long press/right click to use the ultimate skill. After using the skill, you will turn into the Herrscher Mode for 10 seconds. In the 10 seconds you will be stronger and more powerful. sneak and long press/right click to use the Herrscher skill and long press/right click to slash the target.

(The Ultimate Skill’s animation)

The common attack in the state of herrscher.

Some of the skills of The Herrscher of Consciousness:

The special skill.

creator: RegenBirke



We fixed some bugs, hope you like it!


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