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Bedrock The King of Villagers

The King of Villagers

This addon includes the king of villagers which will help you fight battles against any enemy no matter the place or time … not even the dimension, it will always be there, as long as you feed it.


This addon is simple, while exploring the world you will have the possibility to find kings of the villagers whom you can tame with bread.

When the king has been damaged, he can regain health if you give him emeralds (+10 health points), potatoes (+3 health points) or bread (+1 health points).


When the king is attacked he pushes his enemies thanks to his charging shield, this effect does not harm the player, in addition to this the king has an emerald sword typical of a king.


Health: 500 

Damage: 5 + slowness for 10 seconds 

test video:


In the video you can see that the King is capable of attacking zombies, skeletons, pillagers, in addition to being trained and sitting when we tell him, it is also great how the enemies that are in a radius of 4 blocks around him fly . He, too, can be tied to one carried with a rope to prevent it from moving away if we forget to sit it, it is also observed how the different objects (bread, potato and emerald) make it regain health.

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Does not require experimental features

creator: S94874


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