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Bedrock The Krampus Engine (+The Krampus Trials) | Addon + Map

The Krampus Engine (+The Krampus Trials) | Addon + Map

Who doesn’t love a good horror game or horror map? Let’s give what makes most of them scary a life in Minecraft. And sadly no, this is in fact not a game engine. Just a nice name.




If you decide to install this addon in your world, have these experimental toggles active.


The Krampus Engine

     First, let’s talk about the addon that makes this map possible. This addon adds Krampus, from a normal fighting mob in my other addon to now a scary monster.



     Krampus is like a normal mob, but with a couple differences. He only attacks players, and when the player is jumpscared, he will hold you up in the air, scream in your face, and instantly kill you. The ideal use for this mob is to be used in horror map and chase scenes, but you are free to use him for whatever you want. He is also scared of both lanterns and soul lanterns to give the player some safety.


Krampus: Nightmare Mode

The Krampus nightmare variant is mainly for the included map, he does the same as the first one but the difference Is that he has a darker texture, lower pitched sound, and a little bit faster than the normal version.


The Krampus Trails

I created my first ever map to show off these new features. it’s a mini game that has you collecting sticks to throw in the campfire while avoiding Krampus in the background. It has two different difficulties and an extras menu to show off how certain things are done. If you want an even closer look. You are more than welcome to look into the deeper code and see what’s going on.




⁃ You are more than welcome to show off the addon and share it. Please at least give me credit.
⁃ You are allowed to post direct links to the addon or the map. I never use spammy websites so it’s no problem.
⁃ Use, edit, or add on to my code. Not even just for personal use, I know for a fact it’s not perfect and I would love to see what people do with it and see other mobs.


⁃ Not give me credit or say that you made the addon. I’m not gonna sue you. But you’d just be a jerk. Do better.
⁃ Yeah that’s it. Just credit me pls.



Have a nice day. 😉



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