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Bedrock The Mermaids – Landare Expansion Pack V1

The Mermaids – Landare Expansion Pack V1


The Landare Expansion Pack is Coming. This Addon will Added Cute Mermaids to Your Minecraft world. With Amazing Animations. These Creatures Are Friendly. But They are Untameable. 

Dont hurt Mermaids . They will attack You.

Mermaids Have 5 Texture.







They Have moving Animation on Land and Swimming Animation Underwater..

You can feed them using Salmon and fish.

But Nothing happen.


Mermaid On Land

Mermaid On underwater

They Spawn On Oceans and Beachs

You can Find them in Beachs or Stone Beachs.

But Something They Spawn In Rivers. 


More Features in Next Update.!!


Download And Install 

Open Experiment Features On Your world setting.

-Vanilla Experiments

-Holiday Creator 





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