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Bedrock The Mimic: Lanterns & Demons BETA

[FANMADE] The Mimic: Lanterns & Demons BETA

Like The Mimic? Like Minecraft?? Oh boy. I got something for you. This addon adds the monsters and their respective lanterns from the Roblox horror game The Mimic into Minecraft. This is a fan made project and in no way involved with the actual game. uh. Actual mimic developers. If you’re seeing this and you don’t want me doing this let me know and this addon is getting thrown away faster than Sama in chapter four. (and if you do gimme a shoutout? nah jk….. unless-)Sorry I’m advance for the yelling in each section. It makes it easier to organize when it’s angry and bold.



If you enjoyed the trailer or my content in general, feel free to subscribe! I’ve recently returned to YouTube with the goal of sharing what I love to do. But fair warning, between these addon trailers I am very bad at filler content. but we’ll figure that out. At 500 subscribers I’ll have access to the community tab so I can get input on what addon you would like to see next or what I should update next. Of course you don’t have to but it is just a thought. anyway, onto the show!



I don’t know this this means anything, but this addon uses tick.json. No clue if it’s as bad as player.json but just in case im throwing this here.


The Addon Itself (So far)

This addon is currently in beta. If good enough feedback is given more monsters and lanterns will be added. I want to test the waters before I dump everything. So let’s see where this goes.



Futakuchi-Onna is found in the Jealousy Book. (Book II, Chapter I) and is the first monster you run into. She originates from a Japanese urban legend of a woman with two mouths. You can find her naturally spawning in the world at nighttime and on the surface.

(Way more entertaining in game I promise)


Chase & Jumpscare:

When the player is chased, her song from The Mimic OST: “Rin’s Cry” Is played until she rather kills you or you get away from her. When jumpscared, she screams in your face and you die shortly after.

She can be killed by feeding her pufferfish or poisonous potato’s directly like you’re taming her. (Like how you poison her in the actual game.) When you successfully “tame” her, she will die and drop the “Mio Lantern”.





(Ignore the apple in the inventory. That was old test footage and it worked perfectly. Everything is textured and polished in final release)

When Rin is killed, she will drop her lantern. As you can see in order to use it you CROUCH and USE the item to turn it on, then CROUCH and HIT A BLOCK to turn it off. When the lantern is on the area around you will be lit up and you can walk around. Kind of like a dynamic lighting addon.

Side note. The light WILL stay on when you die or unequip the lantern. As a workaround to this all lanterns in the world will constantly turn off in intervals of 30 seconds. It’s a weird workaround I know.



– When the player dies, the light will stay where the player died. There IS a fix to this but it requires player.json.

⁃ Rin’s jumpscare sound randomly does not play when jumpscared. It’s a rare occurrence though, so if it happens I’m aware how awkward it can be having a demon shaking her head in your face in silence. Will more than likely be patched in the next update if it gets one.

– Any feedback is VERY welcome. On how I could do things better, tweaks, or changes. Working on this addon was fun and I would love to make this better.

  • You are free to review ANY of my addons or use them in your maps / servers. all I ask is that you credit me and let me know you did so that I can see your work for myself and see how well you did.
  • Also. DO NOT show off my work as your own. that’s just messed up >:(
  • You are also completely allowed to look at and use the code. It’s YOUR copy. why would I care? again. just please DO NOT post my work as your own.
  • Short but sweet addon. It’s a little different from what I normally do so I hope you enjoy!

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