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Bedrock The Morbid Harvester Add-on!

The Morbid Harvester Add-on!

Have you ever saw the Morbid Harvester mod in Java and wanted a port of it in Bedrock/MCPE? I introduce to you my Morbid Harvester add-on! The original mod can be founded here : 


Original mod by FiskFille


The Morbid Harvester

Health : 600

Damage : 18 ( Melee ) 10-25 ( Arrows )

15-30 ( Hard Mode Arrows )

Sometimes creates a strong and huge AoE growl when melee attacks are blocked

Blows up enemies from far, this can knock players up really high, netherite armor is needed for this.

Summons Evocation Fangs

Stages : ( All of these has small regeneration )

Stage 1 ( When below 450 Health ) : Starts shooting arrows at a slow rate, gains strength 1, resistance 1 and fire resistance.

Stage 2 ( When below 300 Health ) : Starts shooting arrows at a slightly faster rate, gains strength 2, resistance 1 and fire resistance.

Stage 3 ( When below 150 Health ) : Starts shooting arrows at a faster rate once again, gains strength 3, resistance 1 and fire resistance.

Stage 4 ( When below 30 Health ) : Starts shooting arrows at a crazy rate, gains strength 4, resistance 2 and fire resistance.

Targets : Any mobs except inanimate mobs or axolotls.

Recommened Gear : Maxed Resistance and Unbreaking Netherite Armor, Sharpness V Netherite Sword, lots of Golden Apples.

Drops : The Morbid Harvester’s Arm.

Damage : 18 ( Enchantable ) ( 3D )

Permission granted from FiskFille :

( Asking the creator on Discord. )


That is literally the only link I can even find. It is the original link.


After downloading the add-on, tap on the file and import it to Minecraft ( mcaddon ), or drop the behavior and resource files to the games behavior and resource files manually ( zip ), if the Morbid Harvester doesn’t shoot arrows, turn these options on just in case :

creator: https://twitter.com/MicrowaveTheDum


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