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Bedrock The Next Hunter – Run For Your Life

The Next Hunter – Run For Your Life

In this function, the hunter not only the one who need kill other players. If the hunter killed a player, the hunter will become a player and the player will become the hunter. This function also have heartrate system! Just like the minigame call Bomb Tag but have a little bit different.


You should use /function setup to setup the armor stand and scoreboard so the game can caculate the number of time, amount of hunter and players and more.You only need to setup once in a world!

If you try to start the game without setup, the game will end it self.


After you setup the command, you can use /function start command to start a game!


After you start the game, all the players will teleport to you and get 60 seconds of resistance and haste , 30 seconds of speed and 16 bread. These things can help you run away or collect some woods.


After 60 seconds, a random player will be chosen as the hunter. The hunter have infinit times of resistance so the other players will never kill him. The hunter also have speed and strength to chase the players and kill them in a few hits.


The hunter has a compass that points to the nearest player. The players will have heartrate display on the top of inventory. The closer the hunter is to you, the heartrate will be higher. So make sure to keep your heartrate below 100 🙂


The hunter need to kill a player so your hunter role will pass to the next player. When the time up, the one who is the hunter will lose the game and other players win the game.


I also added spectate so the players that joined the game late or quit on the middle of game can spectate the game. Sadly you only can spatectate the hunter.

(This is not third person camera, this is what you will see when you are a spectator)


You can CUSTOMIZE the time required for a game!

There is :

5 Minutes

7 Minutes

10 Minutes

15 Minutes

20 Minutes

25 Minutes

30 Minutes

60 Minutes (1 hour)

I recommend you to choose 7 minutes 🙂


I also added a thing so when the hunter quit the game, the game will end itself.


If you need helps /function hdlp will give you the information you need to know.

If the game doesn’t end when times up, you can use /function endgame to end the game.

(And remember to Activate Cheat so you can use the /function command to start the game)

That’s all, sorry for Bad English and Grammar because I just translate it all from Google Translate..


After you download the .mcpack , open it with Minecraft. Create a world with activate cheat and activate the function in Behavior Pack. Have Fun 🙂

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsV5k3-YbmEYnGWcHV1E4Tg


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