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Bedrock The Rise Of Herobrine Remake (1.17+)

The Rise Of Herobrine Remake (1.17+)

Who Doesn’t Know About This Modded Map? I’m Sure You Knows About This Adventure Map. A Very Epic Map For Version 0.16 Already Available For Version 1.17 and above. No Need To Install Mod you can play it


An old map is back so let’s play

So this map was actually created by samueljh1 in 2015 for version 0.16+ but now i’m remaking this work for version 1.17+

The main goal of this map is to defeat the herobrine and the minion, There are 2 rounds that you will face here

You will meet 3 enemies here, namely Pigmans, Mutant Mob, and Herobrine

And the music that makes this map even more impressive


1.Do not use another addon in this map because it will cause an error

2.You can’t creative mode in this map

3.your version should be official ver to play (beta version doesn’t work perfectly)

thanks to SAMUELJH1 for giving me permission to do this LICENSE



 H o p e Y o u H a v e F u n



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