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Bedrock The Secrets Of Dungeons

The Secrets Of Dungeons

The Secrets Of Dungeons is an adventure map in which it is learned that dangerous crystals that can modify the code of the universe. Those are hidden in different dungeons. Your goal will be to get them back before the vilain gets them and dominates the universe.


# What is in the map?

+ Interactive Dialogues
+ Custom Ressource Pack
+ Incredible Cutscenes
+ 4 Dungeons

In this map, you will be called by the mayor of a village to solve a mystery of the village. In which a scientist committed suicide because of a great threat.

# Credits

• Builder/Programmer: Benjamin874
• Testers: TheDoffedTay, Rhynam, TheblueMan003, justAsh01234, quackVX, F0Xkod, McBrincie212, BouffonPolice78

Custom UI by TheblueMan003
Custom Terrain “Isolated Crag” by Medi Daner

# Links

• Instagram: zedafox
• Twitter: @Zedafox1
• Tiktok: @zedafox
• Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/zedafox
• Discord: https://discord.gg/zDDs94q
• Youtube: Zedafox

creator: https://twitter.com/@Zedafox1

  • Added the File Verification.
  • Added more information and a trailer about the map.


  1. Click on the download below.
  2. Download map from Mediafire.
  3. (.Mcworld) tap to import to Minecraft.

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