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Bedrock The Terminator for MCPE 1.18x

The Terminator for MCPE 1.18x

This addon adds a powerful robot “terminator” series T600. It has great strength and great health, but with average intelligence, these machines are designed to destroy everything in their path (depending on the built-in terminator program)


As we know the Terminator t600 is unkillable and will be very hard to kill, once it is destroyed it can collapse for a while and then after a while it can get up and continue its destruction around, it collapses 4 times. At the end of his death he explodes with flames, be careful.

T600 has average intelligence, but great strength and huge size with a minimum height of 2 meters.

T600’s arsenal includes a Gatling machine gun or minigun at which he shoots and strikes a distant target machine gun speed and rate of fire: 6 shots per 1 second 

  Full Characteristics



Has a machine gun

Damage per second – 48

Health – 450

Speed – slow 


 Attacks melee close range (machine gun disappears)

 Damage is 6

Health – 300

Speed – fast

One eye and earphone are missing.


Pause – 9 sec

Close Combat

Legs are gone.

Damage is 20

Health – 370

Speed – slow 


Hand-to-hand close quarters

Damage – 20

Health – 200

Speed – very slow 

Explosion after death 

Terminators will be added in the future: T700 and T800


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