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Bedrock The Walking Dead Add-On (Beta)

The Walking Dead Add-On (Beta)

Today there are many … they are everywhere, I don’t know what to do anymore … the government couldn’t do anything … Yes!  , the addon you were waiting for!  This addon adds new mobs such as walkers from The Walking Dead, law enforcement, military, new weapons, new blocks, firearms and much more …

  • For starters, new added mobs do not spawn naturally in the world, so you will need to spawn them. (Activate Experimental Game!)
  • New Mobs:
  • Walkers:

Very agresive mobs,they were normal people until the virus infected them, they are somewhat weak, but that does not take away from them how dangerous they are.

  • Damage:5
  • Health:20
  • Speed:slow
  • Infected:

They are agresive,the virus has mutated in their bodies and now they can run.

  • Damage:5
  • Health:20
  • Speed:fast(medium)
  • Runners:

These things are faster than the common infected, getting to bite your heels in seconds.

  • Damage:5
  • Health:20
  • Speed:fast
  • Crawlers:

Walkers that were eaten, or mutilated, are somewhat slow.

  • Damage:4
  • Health:13-8
  • Speed:slow

Later we can find more infected, such as soldiers, hospital personnel, infected police (also in riot gear), and more.

  • Special Infected:
  • Viral:

These infected are very fast and will not stop until they eat you.(All the infected can come to poison you).

  • Damage:7
  • Health:50-55
  • Speed:very fast

Super Zombies:

Infected who reached their maximum stage of infection, becoming very dangerous infected.

  • Damage:12
  • Health:140
  • Speed:fast(medium)
  • Mutated Zombie:

Infected that were manipulated in government laboratories, becoming very powerful, thus being infected with the most dangerous strain of the virus …

  • Damage:15
  • Health:200
  • Speed:fast(medium)

There are more of them too, like spitters, radioactive walkers, hazmat personnel, and more.

  • Law Enforcement:
  • Police Officers:
  • Health:25-35
  • Equipped with firearms.
  • Riot Police:
  • Health:60-70
  • Equipped with shotguns and batons.
  • SWAT:
  • Health:60
  • Equipped with firearms.

FBI agents and special forces were also added.

  • Soldiers/National Guard:
  • Health:50-60
  • Equipped with firearms.

These may also have gas masks and riot gear.

  • Armed Hazmat Agents:

Sent by the disease control center, these agents in biological protective suits arrived after the situation got out of control in the main conflict points.

  • Health:
  • Equipped with firearms.

And More Mobs.

  • New Weapons:

We can find firearms such as the MP5, Thompsom, Pistols, Shotguns, Riot Weapons, Rifles, Explosives and more, as well as melee weapons such as knives, bats, machetes, riot shields … (I will not explain everything, because it is too much).

  • New Food:

Canned food, water bottles, dog food, antibiotics to stop infection in case you were bitten, real food, and more.

  • New Armor:

Riot armor, hazmat suit, gas masks, chemical protection suits, doctor suits, and more types of armor.

  • Other Modifications:
  • GUI
  • UI
  • Added Rick Grimes And Daryl
  • Motorcycle
  • New Textures
  • More mobs and items
  • New music
  • Super TNT
  • More…

Activate the experimental game!!
You do not have permission to publish this add-on or mod on your website or your YouTube channel, if you do, nothing good is waiting for you >:v Sure … but if you ask me for permission to upload it and leave credits if you can.

creator: ManuXFMCPE



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