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Bedrock Third Person Camera

Third Person Camera

Third person mode in Vanilla Minecraft is not suitable for play. This client-side resource pack alters how the player is rendered and animated to better facilitate gameplay. You can use on any server you’d like!


This is a resource pack which you can apply to your global resources.

To trigger its effects in-game, enter 1st person mode, then swap to 3rd person. 

This pack primarily does four things:

  1) Makes your player model translucent when mining/attacking/interacting

Shown above: the player is translucent when aiming the bow.

  2) Makes any player model translucent when close enough to the camera

Shown above: the player is translucent when close to the camera.

  3) Enables a cross-hair in third-person mode

  4) Animates your player to face the direction they’re walking in


Known issues::

Currently attachables (shield, bow, crossbow, trident…) and the player fist don’t properly render in first-person mode. As this resource pack isn’t designed for first-person, I don’t consider fixing it to be a priority.


Download the .mcpack file, and double-click to install. Once in-game, enter first-person mode once, then swap to third-person mode.

It’s recommended to enable it only in the global resources.

creator: ikersfletch



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