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Hey Gamers This Is Time Machine Addon That Actually Works This Is Not A Clickbait. So Read The Entire Description Because There Is Something If You Miss Then The World Will Lag So Much. So Lets Get Started.

As you can see in this image there is a block looking something like command block is called time machine. It also works.

How it works.

So just get the block in creative inventory or by command ‘/give @s file:time_machine’ (not craftable yet in survival) . After getting put it on ground.

Get a lever from anywhere and drop it on time machine. It will start , the day and night will speed up the trees and blocks (anything that can grow) will grow faster from normal.

As You can see in the gif below 👇 

Now you know this isn’t clickbait but it also don’t work as you think like travelling in time . It can only speed up minecraft time but here comes the important point if it not stopped then it can lag your world. So follow the steps down below or it can crash your world.

Very very important steps.

• Dont Leave The Time Machine Running

• For Stopping It Just Step On It And Pick Up The Lever, Don’t simply pick it up from away or it can lag too much.  

• Dont break The Machine For Stopping It , It Will Not stop just step on it and pick up lever.

• Then  Simply Destroy The Machine. These Points will be fixed in next update.


You are not allowed to give direct link of this addon or creating your own and if you are a content creator and making video on this please drop the link of this addon.


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