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Bedrock TNT Duper Add-On | Add the Java glitch as a new Block!

TNT Duper Add-On | Add the Java glitch as a new Block!


This add-on adds a new block to simulate the function of the popular tnt-duper glitch that is on the Java version of Minecraft. Usually used for block farms and clearing out large chunks of land, it’s very useful, but also can be fun to mess around with!

TNT Duper

The TNT Duper Block can be placed directionally (like a piston), and depending on the direction it’s facing, it will spit out a block of TNT that direction. To activate it, place or push the Powered Fuse Block next to it (Note: custom blocks can not be powered by redstone for whatever reason, so this is the alternative)

(For people who want to use this for farms and such, please note that the duper block has a 5 tick cooldown between each use)

Here are a few videos I made demonstrating it:



Able to be made and used in survival mode, here are the recipes:


Make sure to enable the experimental features on your worlds!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@TheBombardYT) for future add-ons and updates! 🙂


creator: https://twitter.com/@TheBombardYT             


Open the downloaded .mcaddon file into Minecraft to install


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