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Bedrock Tokyo Ravengers Addon

Tokyo Ravengers Addon

This addon is inspired by anime called Tokyo Ravengers where you will experience the world of gangster in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Come and join the world of gangs and be the number one.


Tokyo Manji Gang :

Manji Gang Member:

Hp : 20

Damage : 3

skill :can carry an injured teammates and can drive motorcycle on it’s own


Hp : 300

Damage : 15

skill :can wipe out outnumber enemies easily


Hp : 500

Damage : 30

skill :can kill you instantly when his in serious mode

Valhalla Arc:

Valhalla Gang Member:

Hp : 20

Damage : 3

skill :can heal in battlefield

Shuji Hanma:

Hp : 500

Damage : 8

skill : can long last in battle field also known as “zombie”

Moebius :

Moebius Gang Member:

Hp : 20

Damage : 2


Nobutaka Osanai:

Hp : 100

Damage : 5

skill :can make his teammate stronger

NOTE:I will allow you to showcase this addon or to use this addon into your world just make sure you to give proper credits


•Do not use this add-on to mislead other people such as clickbait and other misleading titles, especially to earn money off of this content.


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