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Tornado Mod

A tornado is basically air that circulates violently and destroys things that get in its way. This mode makes it possible to spawn a tornado. It is very dangerous because it will destroy parts of the terrain and kill all the mobs around it and even the player is very dangerous. Creator: FLIZER X


How does it work?

To spawn a tornado you need to make a Tornado block.


How do I make a Tornado block?

You need 6 iron ingot And 2 coal and 1 Redstone to make Tornado block.



How do I use a tornado block?

Just put the Tornado block on top of the Redstone block.


After using the tornado block The weather turns into a severe thunderstorm and a hurricane forms through it, then the tornado follows a tornado block.

Tornado destroy everything around it .


To see a Tornado from a distance, raise your render distance to a maximum.



You have to turn this option on in your world.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnxoPWriurfeXPMHCMmG0cA



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