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Bedrock Tortillamod PE Tortillas For Bedrock

Tortillamod PE Tortillas For Bedrock

Hello friends. Today I bring you this wonderful addon, which adds the tortillaland tortillas. It also adds the glacier stick, the snorkel, masks, crops, eggs, armor and ores. Add a Skin pack with 40 tortilland skins.


This add-on is still under development, so if you have a bug, query or idea, do it without hesitation on my YouTube channel.

Hello friends, today I bring you a new complement for your series or solo worlds, the mod adds different things from food to prayers.

It has new tools that will amuse you, and will make your series more attractive. You can try other plugins and check their functionality.

List of additions:



More expensive.

Palo Glaciar.

Ruby (ore, armor, tools).

Ruby block (9 rubies).

Invisible armor.

Iron Knife and spatula.



Tomato and onion.

Seeds Tortillaland .

skinpack of 40 skins.

A pack with 40 skins from the series, now you can change at any time. Ideal for making series with friends (playstation 4 does not work). 

Some skins are missing, but I have not been able to find them, when I find more I will add them.

Tomato and onion crops have to be planted with their seeds (like any other seed).

The seeds can be collected from chests in the villages or you can find crops scattered throughout the overword. (I recommend removing the vegetable when it is ready).

Seeds will come out of a tomato or an onion on the crafting table.

All the tortillas have the same effects as in the series, the pineapple tortilla is missing, which I am still wondering whether to add. 

The tortillas have to be cooked and cut on the griddle, an exclusive addition to cooking and cutting tortillas (I am working on the behavior of the knife, spatula and juicer).


-Spanish: no effect.

-French: speed 3 min.

-onion: vision & strength min.

-Mushroom: jump 3 min.

-tocino: mining rush and slowness 3 min.

-spinach: strength 3 min hunger 5 sec.

– cod: apnea 3 min.

I’m still working on the mod.

Coming soon:

Canivalism , Chisel , Backpacks , Marble , Prayers , Mobs , Tools , Meal ,Biomes , Structures .

Bugs to fix:

-Palo Glaciar: does not produce ice. Snorkel: has no effects, can be enchanted with breath 3. Cultures: jumping does not destroy. Tools: knife, juicer and spatula are used in each use. Iron: if you wait a lot it cooks and cuts alone, when interacting it will drop the loot.

Please support the mod so I can keep working on it.

I recommend you watch the videos on my channel to get more information about the crafting and subscribe to stay tuned for updates.

And remember that shorteners help me keep working on these projects.

Thank you and see you next time.


Okay, I’ve changed the ad shortener method. Now I should be more fluid.


To install this mod, you will have to open it and its installation will begin automatically.

Some devices do not have that option. You should download WinRar and search for the mod in WinRar explorer. Once located, open the file and it will ask you if you want to run it with Minecraft.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN8bC3gnul0LXTNJ6ap_7ww



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