Totem Relic Treasure Loot Addon

I have created an addon which includes two new items, the ‘Broken Relic’ and the ‘Restored Relic’ which can be used in a crafting table to fix up and to be another way to obtain a totem of undying.


there are 3 ways you can get the first item the ‘Broken relic’

The ancient relic can be caught from fishing, found in buried treasure chests or found in ocean ruins.



It is pretty hard to find/catch this item as if it was not it would be overpowered and no longer feel like vanilla Minecraft.

once you find this item it can be used in a crafting table to create the next item called a ‘Restored Relic’.

the crafting recipe is relatively simple using only 3 gold ingots and is shapeless as shown here 

Now that you have the restored relic it can be charged up in a crafting table with two emerald block to craft a totem of undying in another shapeless crafting recipe.

I feel it is balanced because emeralds are quite hard to get and this crafting recipe requires 18  of them.

To use this in game you must change these settings when creating a world.

And you will need to download both of the files listed as they both rely on the other to operate correctly.


If you are using this in a modpack or are reviewing it you must directly link this website and credit me as a creator.


changed the link to the linkvertise site and is safe.

creator: RyanLawrence05

By aadhu

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