TrapBlox Addon || Step On Traps By TheFlameZone



Minecraft TrapBlox Addon Is A Addon That Adds 4 Traps To Games. After Stepping on them players will get trapped. If you think that they will visible so you are wrong. These blocks are camouflaged in grass texture. So let me tell about it.



There are 4 traps that i added these are as follows

  • Tnt Trap [Grass]
  • Pit Trap [Grass]
  • Bedrock Trap [Grass]
  • Prison Trap [Grass]

These blocks have grass block texture so that the can not be seen easily. More texture will come in next update. These texture also changes will applied texture pack.



Now there are 4 types so lets know them all.



This is tnt trap comes in grass texture(more coming soon). After Stepping On It It Will Dig And Spawn Tnt. This would be best trap if you want some fun or some trolling or some revenge. But you can not get them in survival means you cant craft them. Crafting recipe will be added in future updates. Till then use it.

There is an example gif to show you.


You can see here how tnt comes and blast.



 2. Pit Trap



This traps make very long pit that make them fall on it and anyone will die in this trap. Use it enjoy.

Here is gif for you

Here you can see how long pit does this make.

I am in creative so i didnt die.

3. Prison Trap


This is prison trap that make a prison with lava like lucky block prison. Check this gif out.




You can see up 👆 

4. Bedrock Trap.


This trap traps person in bedrock if step on it.

Check out this gif.





You can see up 👆.  This Traps Players in bedrock.


This is made by Me So Credit Goes To Him. If you are a content creator use official link to distribute it. And Also Enjoy Playing It. Bye Bye. Download Links Are Given Below. 



There is mediafire link on my website so go and download.


By aadhu

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